Grazing box with local wine, cheeses, cold cuts, native nuts, fruits, artisanal jam, etc.

Grazeful introduces very first Pinoy Grazing Box

Grazing box with local wine, cheeses, cold cuts, native nuts, fruits, artisanal jam, etc.


Grazeful, a leading provider of the best grazing boxes and grazing tables, recently launched the very first Pinoy Grazing Box.

“Grazing is a very foreign concept that Pinoys have already embraced,” Grazeful marketing manager shared. “We believe it’s now the best time to take it to the next level, which is to localize the concept to better suit the palate of our kababayans.”


What's inside the Pinoy Grazing Box

Edam cheese
White cheese
Dried mango
Pastillas, a local delicacy made of milk
Chocnut, a local chocolate
Cheddar cheese
Lambanog, a local wine

The very first Pinoy Grazing Box includes local favorites like Fiesta Ham, Chorizo de Bilbao, Queso de Bola, Kesong Puti, Cheddar, Dried Mango, Choc Nut, Pastillas, local artisanal jams, and other Philippine-made products.

It also comes with a bottle of lambanog, a local alcoholic beverage. You may also enjoy it with a bottle of wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Each package comes in a buri box that Grazeful sourced from a community of farmers who are greatly affected by the pandemic. Ribbon colors may be customized for corporate orders. All boxes also come with a free pendant.


Innovation in our brand DNA

Grazeful has always aspired to develop the best and most innovative food packages to provide the most delightful experience among its customers.

Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, the grazing experts of Grazeful introduced innovative products that have garnered such warm reception among its customers, all because they respond to the need to express their care for loved ones despite the distance.

Recently, it introduced the Grazing Box Plus, a box of grazing treats that usually comes with balloons for that festive touch. It was a big hit during the Father’s Day celebration, garnering hundreds of orders.


Our grazing boxes are care packages

“Each grazing box we produce is a total care package,” Chef Peter Brown said. “People would always thank us because they are able to express their care for their loved ones through the grazing boxes that we lovingly create for them.”

Now this expression of care can become more special with the infusion of local flavors in Grazeful’s Pinoy Grazing Box.

Grazeful has carefully curated all the items that go with your Pinoy Grazing Box because the team wants you to enjoy this interesting infusion of a foreign concept and local finds. Chef Peter’s team searched the islands to look for the best local treats to include in your Pinoy Grazing Box, and the team is happy to share this experience with you.

“We are excited to share with you this new addition to our menu because it speaks of our rich food culture and unique taste,” Randy said. “It will help you relive happy memories spent with loved ones.”

To order, visit this link.

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